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Testimonials of Trust and Excellence from Our Valued Clients

"Jeff Kabatznick was a real pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable about the appraisal process, and is very enthusiastic about his work. He is extremely thorough and meticulous, and strives to do the best work possible. By the end of the project, he knew more about my house, neighborhood and market conditions that almost anyone else I could imagine. He is easily available to answer any questions or address any concerns, and is extremely conscientious about his work. Furthermore he is just a really nice and friendly guy. I would recommend him strongly for any appraisal work."

~ Michael D. in Burlingame, CA

"Mr. Kabatznick performed an appraisal in a timely fashion and was very pleasant to work with. I would recommend him for future appraisals. SPEEDY Property Appraisals, formally known as Mission Group Appraisal provided appraisal services during our home purchase process. The inspection report was completed in a timely fashion and included much needed details about the condition of the house. Mr Kabatznick was also available to answer various questions we had about the report.

~ Nate Vaziri

"Very friendly."

~ Philip F. in San Francisco, CA

"He did a fine and thorough appraisal for me."

~ Arthur Lipton Lipton & Piper, LLP

"Jeff is great to work with! His appraisal was very thorough, timely, really well done. We learned a lot from him about appraisals, and also home safety and home ownership considerations. He knows what he's doing. We happily recommend him!"

~ Maria L. in San Anselmo, CA

"I have done business with SPEEDY Property Appraisals, formally known as Mission Group appraisal, since 2005 and have always find them responsive and decided to provide the best service. We have had some properties that had been difficult to appraise and they always were able to find the right comparables and do enough research to appraise the property correctly. We are very grateful for their services during all these years."

~ Ricardo Ramos

"Jeff Kabatznick has done appraisal work for our firm. As a national provider of appraisals to mortgage lenders, we field different assignments from lenders both in and out of California in the areas he services. No matter the degree or complexity of the assignment, we can count on Jeff to provide top tier service to our lenders, their real estate agent partners and to the mortgage borrower. His turn-times are phenomenal, he's communicative and always transparent, and in an area as difficult to appraise as the Bay Area, he is one of our top ranked appraisers on our internal score-carding consistently. It's a pleasure to work with him."

~ M WAL Incenter Appraisal Management

"Excellent customer service and rapid turn around."

~ Alex Maltez

"Excellent turn times and communication."

~ Sandy Ovalle

"Appraisals made in a timely and efficient way are key elements for us and our clients. I can say SPEEDY Property Appraisals, formally known as Mission Group Appraisals has made our job easier. From the moment we order until the appraisal is completed is a very smooth process. We trust Mission Group's team totally. For all these reasons, I can recommend them as an excellent option to get your appraisals. After two years working with them we know we will get accurate and fast result, a clear communication, flexibiliy to adapt to our specific business needs and willingness to make an extra effort to meet a deadline or specific request. For all these reasons, I can recommend SPEEDY Property Appraisals, formally known as Mission Group Appraisals as an excellent option to get your appraisals."
~ Ricardo Ramos
Branch Manager
Pinnacle Financial Corporation Richmond

"Jeffrey is a seasoned veteran who has been in the industry for many years. You will get straight answers and the job done right. "
~ Kristin K.

"This letter is given to confirm that SPEEDY Property Appraisals, formally known as Mission Group Appraisal has an impeccable record of excellence of service with our office. We have placed our appraisal orders with them for the last two years and we recommend them to anyone who may be looking for a professional, quick and reliable appraisal company."

~ Luis G. Molina
Palmera Realty & Mortgage San Francisco


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